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All items are available to be served on dine-in kitchenware as well as in convenient take-out containers. Our Delicious menu is served All Day. Most of our dishes are Vegan and Gluten Free. The Breakfast meats are real bacon, sausage and pemeal.

Our soup is The Super Soup! Vegan Lentil soup served over 28 years now. Yum!

Our Sundried tomato fiber spread (BOMBA) is 100% Vegan, Raw and Guten Free. Pick up a Jar large $18.00 or small $10.00 at any time at Karine’s. It’s delightful and full of nutrients. It can be served as a Tapenade, Appetizer or even Pasta Sauce.

Enjoy our new video. Who said Gluten Free and Vegan should be boring?

Some of Karine’s Hot, Healthy Menu Item

Bagel Bar

cream cheese/ butter/ peanut banana/ butter and jam. $2.25 to $4.50

Waffles With Mixed Berries $14.99

Vegan Goodness $15.00

Vegan Cookies $2.50 / $5.00

Tuna Melt $14.99

Soy/ almond Fruit Shakes $5.00 berry banana, peanut banana choc, banana vanilla.

Soup & Salad Combo $7.99

Smoked Salmon Salad $15.00

Roasted Veg. Omelette $13.00

Organic Pesto encrusted Tofu Salad $14.00

Mix & Match Combo 2 items $12.99 & 4 items $14.99

Karine’s Supreme with meats or salmon or tuna or tofu or frittata or totally vegan $15.99

Ful Plate 💯 vegan $15.00

Fruit Plate small $7.99 & large $14.00

Fruit Cup $7.00

Florentine Benedict $14.00

Wrap Combo from$8.00 to $10.00

Soup and salad combo $7.99

Precious Vegan Pancake side& kids meal $7.99

French Toast Special side &kids meal $7.99

Breakfast Special $10.00

Exotic Cheese & Fruit Platter $16.00

Crepes with Peanut Butter & Bananas $13.00

Breakfast Parfait $10.00

Bread & Bomba $7.99

Please join us and Bon Appetit.


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