Posted by: Karine's | March 26, 2009

Vegan Goodness!

Green Leaders Revised Ad

Look for this ad in NOW Magazine this week!



  1. i would like to say this and say it with so much excitement.
    This vegan goodness dish at karine’s rocks.
    I tried it today,it was featured in NOW Magazine’s Best Brunch section, and i tell u guys it’s amazing.
    Its aroma, flavor, presentation, price only $10.00 inclusive and taste? Oh my God! Seems like I never had anything this delicious in my life.
    It’s worth everything. Chapeau!

  2. COMMENT BY ASHLEY ON 03/01/2009 in NOW Magazine Toronto:

    Dear Steven Davey, reviewer at NOW Magazine:

    Just recently, my company moved me to Toronto and guess what. NOW Magazine became my guide to almost everything I needed to know about TO. You guys rock! My partner really enjoys Manupuku in the Village by the Grange and was thrilled to see them in the Top List!

    But what about the Best one u missed in the same Grange? Karine’s by Maggie’s? How can anybody miss that beautiful vegetarian, vegan and even celiac restaurant style servings in a caf? ( I am a celiac and this spot satisfies my hunger almost everyday with their array of healthy foods, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! They have Gone Green in a Cafeteria. Heavenly! I think u should give them a visit and attach it to your Top list.

    Freshly made on the spot full Breakfast with unlimited coffee or tea $5.00 Satisfying Lunch $6.00 Dinner complete with their complimentary Fiber Spread $8.00 Three meals a day for less than $20.00 is My Top of the Line because since I found them my daily budget for eating out has been cut in half. I love my partner but she won! I will check your Now Magazine list next week. Maybe I will win too.

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