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Karine’s offers a variety of fresh, healthy, nutritious, and extremely tasty meals for all to enjoy. Best brunch In town. All of our options are home made vegan selections, 100% free of dairy, gluten and animal products (excluding optional breakfast meats) and well pleasing to every palate.

We serve Mediterranean, European and Lebanese fresh cuisine, and feature such as Vegan Stuffed French Toast with Home Made Mixed Berries Preserve, multiple Egg Beni’s with delicious and lightest version of Hollandaise or Mediterranean sauces, Pesto crushed organic Tofu, Vegan Tofu Beni, Mushroom Delight, Sandwiches, Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free  home cooked platters, Fit for life salads, and much more….

Maggie is the original founder of Maggie’s All Day Breakfast. Her first and one of the most successful locations for over 20 years was Maggie’s on College where she created  her heavenly array of delicious and complete breakfasts along with her vegan and vegetarian menu. Maggie and her family operated their first  location for over eight successful consecutive years and sold it along with many other Maggie’s  locations in TO, London ON and Ramada Hotel in St. Thomas.

Awarded with Eat Smart Certificate, Best of Forest Hill, Cream of the Crepe Crop and much more, Maggie always considered herself the luckiest restaurateur. Her locations were THE PLACE TO BE for all young students from King Edward to U of T in Toronto and Western University in London. The weekend Brunches were the FUN TIMES for everybody. Getting together with their friends and family and have the most of a delicious brunch ignoring the wait times for their tables even during terrible weather.

Maggie’s Big dream has always been to belong to a university cafeteria where she could be close to her crowd 24/7. Her dream came through when her daughter Karine from OCAD informed her about this available location in the Village by the Grange and luckily they took it.

Karine’s by Maggie’s became their newest family venture with a strong mission of FEEDING OUR NEW GENERATION the Healthiest of all and as well showing the world that with a little effort


Please help us achieve our goal! Bring your own coffee mugs and your food containers and believe us, we can do it! Helping the Environment is not an option. We should all care for more than ever before. Let’s do this TOGETHER!

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